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Hello December

by Julia

November review

November goals

  • Go back to a regular yoga practice ❎
    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do that because of a weird foot pain that has been haunting me since mid November. I hope to resolve this soon and be able to go back practicing seriously.
  • Try a new way of organise project-time. ❎
    I decided to suspend my side projects in order to be able to concentrate on my work so didn’t have the chance to try this out.
  • Get on track with Chinese ✅
    I did that! I have been studying Remembering simplified hanzi and memrise very diligently almost every day and I now feel optimistic and motivated.
  • Use Pomodoro Technique for a better distribution of tasks at work. ✅
    A great idea to try to catch up with everything I have to do everyday without burning out. Will definitely keep on doing this.

How I spent my time

Blog 19h17m;
Chinese 25h37m [including commute time practice];
Productivity 23h16m;
Wellness 2h10m.

How I spent my money

I’ve been good this month in keeping my expenses on a very low level. I went out for pizza and drinks just once [for less than 20€] and restrained on stationery and books purchases. Spent about € 30 on a couple of makeup items that I really needed. Really!

How I did with my Study

I’m now concentrating on my professional traning so study now mostly means things related to archives and archival science. I’ve started researching key terms and the different ways they’re used in different cultures/languages. On the front of language learning, Japanese has been hibernated once again and it will stay so for sometime now, while for Chinese I’ve been focusing mainly on going on with Remembering simplified hanzi + practice on memrise.


I published 9 posts in October here on the blog, I have to say I’m quite surprised/happy with myself. I’ve been reading quite a lot in november as well (finished a couple of books) and watched a good deal of tv series episodes. I’ve also been much more present on twitter in the latter part of the month. Unfortunately I had to stop my yoga practice again due to a mysterious foot pain.


December’s goals

  1. Work a pomodoro every day for job applications, as my internship finishes soon [end of January] and I definitely don’t want to move to Scotland to be an housewife. I perfectly know what I have to do, I just need to actually sit down and do it.
  2. Keep being focused on my priorities: I was struck with this quote from Lysa TerKeurst: ‘This is a great year to become an expert on something’. I’ll surely be talking about this more in my new year’s resolutions post, for now I’m converting theory into practice by remaining focused on only two things: my professional training and finishing Remembering simplified hanzi.
  3. Organize a warm and cozy Christmas for me and Doctor L., as this will be out first year spending the holidays away from home. Everything has to be prepared and thought over, from the Christmas tree to Christmas stocking, from food (including panettone) to decorative lights – on a short notice and with a low budget. Trial accepted!
  4. Don’t succumb to December overall frenzy. The last month of the year is a sort of ghost time where you suddenly become unable to do anything you would normally do. Or at least this happens in my very large and traditional family [I’m a single child but I have TONS of first-degree relatives] where Christmas gatherings are a must. I actually like it and I’m very attached to family traditions myself – it’s just that lately I’ve been feeling increasingly overwhelmed by the billions of stuff to do/meetings to attend and not really able to enjoy myself and the company. Carve out some me-time would be e good idea, together with starting saying a few ‘no’s.


 Habit of the month : write in my learning log notebook at least once a week.



2 Comments to “Hello December”

  1. Korean Vitamin says:

    Thank you for mentioning the Podomoro Technique, made me google to learn about it. Not multitasking, just focus on one thing for 25 minutes sounds like a great idea. I like it.


    • Julia says:

      Multitasking is highly overrated IMHO, if you try pomodoro let me know how you fell about it! 25 minutes sometimes feels like it’s not enough, 40 min usually works best for me [but of course it depends on the kind of task I’m working on]

      Liked by 1 person

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