Muji mini stationery haul

by Julia

It’s really hard for me to go to Muji and exit empty-handed.

Ok let’s start again.

It’s really impossible for me to go to Muji and exit empty-handed. Even more so considering that there’s no Muji shop in Florence [though we may soon have a Harrods shop, win!], so everytime I happen to be near one I feel compelled to buy stuff like there’s no tomorrow. Of course this ended up with a bunch of unnecessary purchases over time.

Isn’t it like deafeating the purpose to buy things you don’t need at Muji when the whole concept behind it is minimalistic lifestyle?

As I’m growing incresingly sick of the clutter that’s chocking my space and my time, I now try to resist the impulse of buying compulsively and make at least a small effort in thinking whether I really have an use for a certain item or not. Even if I know I cannot go to Muji everyday.

So the last time I was in Venice I went there with a very precise and surprisingly short list of items I needed to get and, even more surprisingly, I stuck to the plan [pats on the back]. The things I needed to get were: an orange gel pen 0.5, a black gel pen 0.5, and two 2017 planners.

The significant other has had a Muji planner for 2016, bought during our first-together trip to London in December 2015. I didn’t know that Muji sold planners in Europe at the time and seeing it in use during this year arouse my interest. The paper quality is gorgeous and needles to say it goes perfectly well with all kinds of Muji gel pens + the inner structure is exactly the same as the weekly Moleskine I’ve been in love with for a very long time.

I actually was planning to use my Midori next year, but after having seen the selection of planners for 2017 at Muji I was hooked. For me I chose the A5 suede black planner, while for the plus one I got the A6 black vynil diary. I’m very happy with this shopping session because 1) I got items that I like 2) even more important, I got items that I need and nothing else. It feels so refreshing to free myself from the compulsive shopping disease sometimes.