Chinese Talk / 18

by Julia

I’m well aware of the fact that my Chinese study is progressing at a ridiculous pace, but it’s progressing nonetheless and – at least for now – I’m not so concerned about it. Of course I would love to wake up tomorrow morning and discover I’m fluent in Chinese as I’m in English, but this is not going to happen to me or to anyone else, so I’ll just take things as they come [unexpected zen attitude].

I love routines but when it comes to language learning I get bored pretty quickly, so since I came back from Scotland I’ve shaken things up a little.

First. Listening of HSK audio on the bus has taken a brief hiatus. I was honestly sick of listening to the same 4/5 records every damn morning and after a while I noticed I wasn’t really progressing that much in my listening skills. I think that taking some time off for a few weeks will benefit our relationship greatly.

Second. I’ve replaced this commute-time activity with Anki practice on my iPhone/iPad. Reviewing the decks takes more time than I expected and it sucked up most of my lunch break; this way I can use lunch time for other kind of activities I cannot carry out when on the bus.

Third. Right now I feel that the one thing I have to strengthen as much as I can is vocabulary. Grammar is important but without vocabulary I cannot practice either writing or listening [let’s leave outthe fact I still have to figure out a serious method for studying grammar by myself] so, together with 汉字, it’s my main focus now.

Fourth. In order to practice both vocab and listening, lately I’ve been toying with Wordpie vocab lessons. I haven’t used the site long enough to express an opinion but what I can say for now is that a) the idea is quite appealing b) the team is putting a lot of effort in producing both the songs and the videos graphics and I’m very appreciative of that.

No great use of notebooks at this stage [weird weird weird] though I’m still using my Kikki.k compendium as a general log/guideline. For some strange reason notebooks in LL have always failed me, so I’d rather concentrate on something else for the time being.