{TuesdayTreat} Sugar & Spice Bakery

by Julia

For the last couple of years I’ve tried to make the most out of the city I’m currently living in, forcing myself to go out more – well, maybe ‘forcing’ is not the best word choice when you’re talking about something that is supposed to be fun (〃▽〃)  Let’s just say that I’m the kind of person who loves the confort of her own house and never gets bored by staying in, even for very long periods of time. On the other hand, since my Japanese days I developed a love for the concept of ‘café’ [that we don’t very much have here in Italy] so I’m in a kind of lookout for comfy alternatives.

I actually happen to have my workplace really near to Sugar and Spice, an American bakery that I’ve known for quite some time now. For one reason or another I haven’t been visiting it since I started working here back in July [well let’s say that American cakes are not exactly tempting during summertime], but now that fall has approached and I’m smelling pumpkin spice and apple tart everywhere it looks like the perfect place for a tasty treat.

The kind of retro style is the first thing I like about this place. I find it curious and original without being too much. Maybe some place else this style wouldn’t be much of a deal, but here in Florence we don’t happen to have many places like this, so I enjoy it a lot.

The second thing I love here is, of course, the food. They serve a small selection of salty dishes [mostly bagels during lunchtime], but what makes visiting really worth it is of course the glorious cakes section. Red velvet cake, pecan pie, pumpkin spice pie, NY cheescake are all here for our very own happiness, as well as small treats like decorated cupcakes, brownies and fudges. And for every cake slice you order you get a cup of American coffee or tea for free. Yay!

Tha place is quite busy during the weekend but I usually find it pretty quiet during the weekly after-lunch time slot. I usually come here with my ipad for taking quick notes and the novel I’m currently reading, just to gift myself with a little peaceful me-time. I usually don’t have a sweet tooth, but I do happen to enjoy American bakery quite a lot so there’s always something good for me to taste here. Last time I came it was apple pie and caramel tea. Next time I’m surely heading for the cheescake!


Sugar and Spice
Borgo la Croce, 15/red
Florence, Italy