Remembering the Hanzi – Day 13 [Frames 547 ~583]

by Julia

I’m bored to death and I can’t wait for this damn book to be finally OVER.

I’ve put [unintentionally, but still] on a halt almost every other kind of language practice in order to make significant progresses with this book but I’m just not focused. And clueless about how to go back to feel motivated about this challenge.

I can’t give up now that I’m halfway through the book. The whole process has been hard and I don’t want to throw everything away. This would be the real waste of time. Not gonna happen.


photo 1.jpeg

Noddles with curry chicken, hot spicy chicken and Korean BBQ chicken – super yummy


It’s really not easy to keep the motivation up when you’re not living in the country of your target language and you’re not exposed to the language itself apart from your efforts. I think I should probably read something more about China, when I was studying Japanese I was also a lot into the coutry history and anthropological/sociological issues – and tbh that helped a lot.

A full immersion into Chinese 面条🍜 is an even better alternative. lol