Remembering The Hanzi / Day 12 [Frames 505 ~545]

by Julia

Here comes the struggle again.

As I said, Heisig doesn’t provide stories anymore and I find myself having a hard time making them up. Like the keyword permit which is supposed to be words + stick horse. What..? I remember reading a comment somewhere about the lack of stories in the second part of the book and honestly I think it’s a little unfair not to provide them anymore. Like it was too much to bother ._. seriously.

To make things even worse that’s the fact that a RSH forum doesn’t exist anymore, making the process of looking for alternative stories a real pain in the neck. You can try to use KanjiKoohii which is based on Remembering the Kanji but that’s definitely not an easy thing to do. The frames numbers don’t match and even when they do, the keywords are different as well. I understand they had to shut down the forum for Chinese learners as it wasn’t used enough but for us survivors is really a bummer.

I’m not discouraged, just a little pissed. It looks like Heisig was fed up of creating stupid stories and decided to make us do the work for him. Pretty smart.

I intend to finish the book by the end of the year according to my quarterly goals, so I have to get a move on. I’m not terribly behind but I don’t know how much this all make-your-own-stories thing will take up time and there’s still much lying ahead.

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At least now I’m able to read the ‘fresh’ character on this wall art @ my current favourite noodles shop #win