Japanese Talk / 6

by Julia

I’m back to a Japanese phase right now, a recently watched Japanese movie probably playing its part [but not only that].

It’s just that suddenly, compared to Chinese, the sound of the language feels more natural to me. I’ve been always complaining about the fact that I couldn’t understand a word of Japanese and now, zac, audio files seem incredibly familiar to my ears.

Of course I’m just listening to Japanese Pod absolute beginners series, it’s not like I suddenly find myself able to understand dramas or the news, but considering I haven’t been studying Japanese seriously for a couple of years at the least this definitely means something to me.

Sunday at the exhibition opening there was another Japanese delegation and I was dying at the idea of being able to talk with them [I could actually understand certain things they were saying to each other].

I don’t intend to change my study schedule [for now at least, lol] I just want to keep on focusing on oral Japanese in order to strengthen my listening skills as much as I can [together with vocabulary]. My system at the moment is extremely simple:

> I listen to the dialogue
> I look at the transcript on the screen of the iPod touch
> I search new words [or forgotten ones] on imiwa
> I save them on a list directly into the app

Really easy, really straightforward. Yesterday during my bus commute after work I was reviewing this vocab list on imiwa to consolidate the new words I had found in the dialogues during the morning ride. It looks like a wise use of commute time to me.

On a side note, I don’t know for the rest of the world but here in Florence we are kind of freezing to death right now (´・_・`) I don’t remember having such a cold fall literally in years, even more so if we consider that we have not had a true winter since 2010/2011. This weather definitely calls for a mug of super hot dark chocolate and a crispy spiced apple pie!