Planner Talk / 1

by Julia

I’m a planner person and I like planning. Especially when life has been particularly hectic and I need to take stock of the situation – what has to be done and when.

So basically this week I need to:

(1) sort out my daily schedule: check out my planner for my weekly tasks, plan weekly meals, sort out stuff piled up on the desk, schedule grocery shopping and so on; I’ll do this on Monday morning [hopefully]
(2) catch up with job no. 2 tasks as job no. 1 has absorbed all the available time; I’ll schedule the tasks on Monday and then work through them from Monday to Thursday
(3) brush up my Chinese study routine [namely Anki + Remembering the hanzi]; from Monday all the way up to Friday
(4) prep luggage and stuff for my upcoming trip to Scotland + Venice; ideally I’ll do everything between Friday night and Saturday morning so that I can rest and do autogenic training on Sunday [Monday is going to be a looooooong day]
(5) do meal planning and prepping for the week end as I’m going to be home alone; planning on Monday and prepping on Friday night
(6) clean and re-arrange my ‘study’ shelf as Japanese, Chinese and random Anthropology content is all scattered and messed up; this is actually a task I’ve been postponing for the longest time, hopefully I’ll be able to tackle it during the week end [Saturday afternoon would be ideal]
(7) last but definitely not least, schedule in some outside home relax time as I still have a lot of bookshops/café I want to try and honestly October/November is the best time of the year to do so before Christmas frenzy, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon after work could be a good choice.

As always I don’t think I’ll be able to do all the above but first it’s still worth trying and second in this moment I absolutely need the illusion of being in control. Absolutely.