Just checking in

by Julia

… to say that I’m all well and ok, I’ve just been completely sucked up by work during this week as we’re busy mounting an exhibition which starts on 9th October. I’ve been totally inactive online [whether it was instagram, twitter or goodreads], with mostly no time to even call/text the plus one. Not that I consider disconnecting every once in a while a bad thing per se.

So no wonders I had no time for almost any kind of language learning throughout this week, even less to blog about it. I’ve been listening to my podcasts during my bus commute but to be completely honest I have not been very focus on what I was hearing. I have also temporarily stopped practicing yoga as by the time I arrive home the class has already started (’へ’)Next week should be a going back to normal time so I’m hoping I’ll be back blogging (and studying) at a normal pace 🙂