Chinese Talk / 16

by Julia

So I’ve set my Chinese learning goals for this last quarter of the year. It was about time.

I believe this was one of the main reasons I’ve been feeling like going nowhere with my study for most part of the year. You can read everywhere that before starting any project you need to set clear, attainable and specific goals – seems like I prefer to learn things the hard way. Uh.

Well, to be honest I have to say that until recently I didn’t have much power over my free time, so when in the past I attempted to set goals it was almost impossible for me to attain them – thus I started feeling discouraged and stopped altogether. Now things are different so I though it was the right time to start doing so.

It’s not really a matter of how much spare time you have in your days/weeks/months, but rather how much your schedule is consistent with your energy levels and motivation/productivity burst [the overall cyrcadian rhythms]. From January to June this year I actually had more free time that I have now, but my schedule was only partially regular and didn’t allow me to take advantage of the early hours of the day, that are my most productive time.

After my last rant against the unjustice of this world and other amenities I felt it was time to take the bull by the horns and start doing something concrete about the things that really matter in my life. A new planner system playing its part [I’ll probably blog about this], I jotted down a few things, just to have an idea, a guideline, a gauge for my attainments [or lack of thereof].


I haven’t decided yet whether to further break them down into montly and weekly goals but for the moment I don’t think I’ll do that. I have to allow myself some time to get used to this new way of looking at language learning, plus right now I feel a lot more like looking at one at a time and focus on that rather than doing a little bit of each one. Let’s just avoid putting too much on the plate, shall we?