Remembering The Hanzi / Day 10 [Frames 482 ~ 504]

by Julia

I’ve finished Lesson 19 which means I’ve completed roughly the first third of the book – the ‘stories’ and ‘plots’ parts.

I now have to dig into the main body of the book, in which I’m supposed to actively create the plots connecting the different parts of the hanzi by myself. Ouch.

Anyways, before starting this new section of the book I think I’ll stop for a while and look back to check whether everything is ok or not [I know it’s not]. I haven’t finished reviewing all the first lessons yet so I absolutely need to fix that first. I’ve also identified a handful of characters I tend to mismatch, so a thorough review will be needed as well.

I’ve taken these 4 days of vacation as a break from study as well. I wasn’t tired of it, but I realised that I almost never get a true break from, like, anything. Whether it’s study or planning or working I always cram my free days with more stuff to do and tasks to accomplish instead of just relaxing. This is the way I am and TBH I’m rather ok with that, but I also realise that in the long run this is not good for my mental health. Being able to switch off is as important as being motivated and self-disciplined, so the only activities I’ve allowed myself to do have been reading novels [still sci-fi love, yes!] at the poolside and drinking fresh fruit juices with small umbrellas in the glass.