Japanese Buddhist Statues Exhibition in Rome

by Julia


This year we celebrate the 150° anniversary of the diplomatic parternship between Italy and Japan. On the wake of this theme a number of events have been organized throughout the year in order to promote Italian culture in Japan and Japanese culture in Italy. This exhibition falls between the lines.


This one in particular was a kind of once in a lifetime occasion because it was the first time that statues not just from museums but from Buddhist temples all over Japan (they’re not just national tresure, they’re actual devotional sculptures) were offered to be part of an exhibition. Hence the short duration of the event itself.


I’m quite familiar with Rome [at least with certain parts of it] because I used to commute there to attend Japanese class at the 文化会館. I also have friends there from my Japanese class so this was an occasion not only to enjoy the stunning Buddhist art and craft but also to rejoin with some long-term language-learning enthusiast friends.

Needless to say the exhibition was wonderful, even more so for me as I’ve been studying Japanese Buddhism for quite a long time now and some of the statues came from temples I’ve been to when I was in Japan [like 東大寺 in Nara]. Of course I purchased the exhibition catalogue [how couldn’t I?] and I actually intend to read it carefully and try to learn something new about a topic I’ve been passionate about for years.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for a 4-days small vacation in Porto Cervo, Sardegna but as I come back I can see my after work time spent on the bed with a good cup of green tea and this reading [plus a soft blanket, if I’m lucky]!