Life Lately / September 2016

by Julia

Am I that predictable if I say that I just love September?

Being the nerdy type who loves to study and also the slighly OCD personality  obsessed with planners and whatnot, to me September is a new fresh start as much as New Year is. Even better actually, because usually it means we’re finally out of summer [even though you wouldn’t say, with our current 34°C] and into one of my favourite seasons (fall).

September is also the month in which every activity starts again – restaurants/bars, fitness centres, cinemas, book shops, everything finally comes back to life.

Aaaaaaaah. I feel so energized.

I have a lot of plans for this month/season. Things I’ve been pushing off for the longest time and that now I want to take care of:

  1. start practicing yoga regularly [I’ve discovered there’s a yoga centre literally 3 minutes away from my home, I have no excuses now]
  2. making a clear time-bound language learning plan with quarterly goals and revision process
  3. take care of some minor home projects like freeing up space on my desk once and for all and organising my makeup storage with Muji acrylic drawers (yay!)
  4. work seriously on a weekly schedule in order to be able to fit everything in (Chinese, Japanese, random study, book reading, tv series/drama watching, yoga, healty food cooking, blogging, photography) rather then cramming stuff into tiny bits of time and then feeling disappointed and overwhelmed
  5. simplify, simplify, simplify – the closet, the bookshelf, the bathroom cabinet, and life in general

I also have tons of new recipes I wanna try and places I want to have lunch in. And places I wanna go to take photos and just enjoy the nature.

It’s the beginning of a wonderful season.