Japanese Talk / 5

by Julia

Right. Me and Japanese. Over and over again.

You know when you just can’t stay away from something? Like in toxic relationships, lol. I’m sorry Japanese. I didn’t want to define you as toxic.

My focus right now is on Chinese, and nothing is gonna change that. Still, every once in while something happens and I’m triggered to go back to my first love, even if just for a short while.

Last week here at the Archives we had a Japanese delegation of members of parliament and embassy officials, and for the entire duration of the meeting I was repeating to myself ‘Why did I just give up on this?’ like a mantra.

My unsolved issues with Japanese just keep bugging me.

So I decided to do something – actually deciding is not the right word because it implies a certain degree of planning and premeditation, let’s say I felt like doing something and I did, without much thinking.

Milk tea and sci-fi novels = current obsessions

So basically I have transferred a bunch of dialogues from Japanese Pod 101 on my iPod and I started listened to those during my morning bus commute time. No grammar. No textbook. No notebook [most of all!!]. Every time I find a new word I just star it directly on imiwa?, so no ‘I’ll transcribe this on my notebook later’ kind of situation.

I know you can’t study a language without grammar. But I did study Japanese grammar at the time and then everything just fell apart and I’ve not been able to recover ever since. By focusing only on the oral part I’m:

  1. training the weakest part of my language learning process
  2. doing listening practice
  3. studying/reviewing vocabulary
  4. studying/reviewing simple grammar patterns

It’s a trial, and as usual I have no idea of how long if it’s gonna last.

But gosh do I feel great about it.