{Beauty} Current morning & night routine #3

by Julia

So much for me wanting to use less beauty products ( ̄~ ̄;)well not all of these are actually used on a daily bases (especially face scrub and argan oil), plus I had to buy a second face moisturiser as the first one has a sun protection factor [which would be pretty useless to apply at night].

Though they may seem a lot, I actually feel that my routine has become simpler and much more fuss-free. I use the very same face cleanser and toner for both morning and night [no reason to use different products seriously], and honestly I prefer to invest in just one very good quality oil to treat specific problems all over my body than buying 10 different moisturisers for every specific dry spot.

Products I’m currently using:

1| Fresh & Clean Argan Oil Face and Hands soap [in the pink jar]

Wow: neutral fragrance, good level of cleaning power
Meh: not eye-friendly
(Dis)Approval: this purchase was a bargain [1,50€ for a 2l bottle, seriously] and I can’t say I didn’t like it but I’ve noticed that all products indicated as good for both hands and face washing tend to irritate the eyes. I think I’ll stick to specific face cleansers.

2| Organic 100% Coconut Oil [in the blue-and-white lid jar]

Wow: best makeup remover EVER
Meh: it’s highly comedogenic, so you have to wash your face carefully afterwards
(Dis)Approval: I don’t think I’ll be able to live without coconut oil again. It works just so perfectly well and it has such a good cost/quality ratio that I honestly can’t think of myself going back to other kind of makeup removals any time soon. I paid 5,60€ for a 500gr jar and I think it would last for at least a year. I love the fact that for 9 months it has a nice butter-like consistency ~ and the good thing is, I can put it into the fridge during summer for a refreshing effect! There’s really nothing that I can complain about this product and tbh I find it much less gross on the skin than other kind of oils.

3| Venus – Micellar Water

I already talked about this product here so I won’t repeat myself; I would just like to point out that I don’t consider micellar waters (in general) a good product if they serve as the only makeup remover I’m using. It’s working great in combination with my coconut oil though, it helps removing the makeup I’ve spread all over my face [especially mascara] and make the all oil removing process a lot more easier.

4| Essere o Benessere Organic Face Scrub with Lavender Oil

Wow: light smell, pleasant gel consistency
Meh: a little overpriced
(Dis)Approval: I bought a few products from this local organic beauty brand [x] when I went to this social event a few years ago. They produce a selected range of nice quality products [I received a discount that I used to buy also stuff that are not beauty products – like a couple of Himalayan salt lamps]; I’ll surely consider buying from theme again in the future [great customer service], but for now I cannot really justify the expense.

5| Bottega Verde Rose Face Tonic

Wow: omg the smell
Meh: nothing really
(Dis)Approval: honestly, I don’t expect that much from a face toner [still have to figure out whether it’s really essential in my face routine or not]. This one does the job, it absorbs quickly and the spray packaging actually comes in very handy. Why not.

6| Bottega Verde Honey Night Mask

Wow: not too oily/heavy [especially in summertime]
Meh: not super hyper moisturising in the driest part of my skin
(Dis)Approval: again, Bottega Verde it’s a brand I’ve been knowing for the longest time [no affiliation of course], its products are definitely not top notch but still fairly good for my fuss-free skin. This night moisturiser is incredibly not greasy for its genre, I m ay find myself to buy it again in the future for a quick and easy solution.

7| Leocrema Face Serum and Moisturiser

Wow: they do the job
Meh: they’re just not that great
(Dis)Approval: I bought these two products together during a promotional sale and after a couple of months (maybe more) of use all that I can say is that they’re without praise or blame. I could rebuy them in the future but for now I’m on the outlook for something a little more glamorous, if this makes any sense.

8| Bottega Verde Natural Lift Eye Contour Cream

Wow: not greasy
Meh: not as moisturising as I thought
(Dis)Approval: This is the first eye contour cream I ever tried so I may give this product another chance – but broadly speaking, I don’t know if this is something I’m willing to spend my money on. I tend to have dry skin around the temple area and this has not solved the problem a bit – so no, I’m not particularly impressed.

9| Bottega Verde 100% Pure Argan Oil

Wow: amazing
Meh: nothing
(Dis)Approval: Another thing that I particularly like of this brand is that they provide pure body and face oils (also rosa mosqueta and sweet almond) which are very easy to get with a 50% discount – not bad at all! I won’t delate on the amazing properties of argan oil in general, I just want to say that for the dry skin problem above mentioned I find this product way more affective than anything else. I just add a couple of drops of oil to my regular night face cream or directly on the dry area and I’m good to go!

I’m going to have a few new products for the autumn season but the fundamentals [coconut and argan oil] will remain the same. I just need to drain the last couple of products I have in stock before being able to finally buy some Asian beauty essentials over on YesStyle!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))