Life Lately / August 2016

by Julia

August is a good month. The city gets empty, no lines of cars in the streets, no rush hours, no queue at the supermarket’s checkout. And by the second half of the month usually the weather starts changing, being less summer-ish. Yay!

This is gonna be a quiet and lonely month for me. The good chance to gather my thoughts, get used to new environments, make a fews plan and introduce a couple of new habits.

I have to say, I’m fascinated by the way human nature is able to adapt to new situations and being curious. We often end up living in a sort of lethargy, wrapped up in our daily routines and in the safety of our comfort zone – but intimately, we never lose the ability of looking for new things. To challenge ourselves.

But maybe I’m digressing.

I’m going to use the time that now I have for myself to concentrate on work [I’m really determined to make to most of this internship], intelligent planning and language learning. After quite a long phase of uncertainty and fitfulness I think it’s about time to bring my study to the next level, isn’t it? Fortune favours the bold.

I also have a lot of tv series/dramas/books/manga that I want to watch/read [did I say that I’m down the rabbit hole with Cold Case again?]. It looks like I won’t have many occasions to get bored after all (ノ°▽°)ノ


Listening to: Prefab Sprout ~ Cars and Girls
Reading: The Mists of Avalon