{Movies} Mini Movies Reviews ~ 1st Semester 2016

by Julia

I used to watch a lot of movies during my teenage years [I was in my social activist phase], then when I headed to university things slightly came off and I became more involved into shot episode-ish forms of entertainment [tv series and, during last couple of years, dramas]. 2016 seems to have been a somewhat prolific year in terms of movies again so I thought I would like to share my very very short impressions on them.

  • Ex Machina – good, well written and well played. I enjoyed the original closing.
  • The Martian – liked it more than I thought. I was expecting a second version of Interstellar [didn’t love it] but it actually wasn’t. I particularly liked the sarcasm and original humour, you don’t get them easily in this kind of movies.
  • The Grey – it wasn’t a bad movie, I think I just missed the point. Not so sure whether it was supposed to be all allegoric or not.
  • The Secret of NIMH – I totally LOVED this! I remember it being a little too complex for me when I was a kid [did someone know that the acronym stays for National Institute for Mental Health?? Surely I didn’t!] and also somewhat scary, but I absolutely enjoyed it as a grown up. Why can’t Disney still make movies like this?
  • Sin City – Well, a classic. I like this style of movie making.
  • The Unjust – Korean movie of betrayal and corruption. Intense. Even the plus one enjoyed it so it must be good.
  • The Man Who Fell to Earth – What the heck. Seriously. Totally pointless.
  • The Throne – Korean period/historical movie. Absolutely beautiful.
  • Attack the Block – I loved to see the alien invasion happening in the outskirts of London, for once. Amazing British accents. Did you recognise John Boyega? I didn’t.
  • The Rover – I’m somewhat tired of these post-apocalyptic movies coming out of the same mould. One thing is tribute, one thing is being out of original ideas. Not bad but mostly useless.
  • The Thing – I could have enjoyed it more if I were living in early 80s. Today, I find it a little lame.
  • The Terminator – A masterpiece of its genre. The exact opposite of what I said for The Thing: this is something you enjoy even 20, 30, 50 years later. A total evergreen for me.
  • John Carter – Not perfect, not bad either. I overall liked it. Mostly, it made me know about the book series [that now I wanna read].
  • The Three Swordmen – Oh gosh <( ̄︶ ̄)>  I couldn’t understand whether they were speaking Mandarin or Cantonese, I couldn’t tell the characters apart and in general I didn’t much get what was going on.
  • Constantine – Another classic. Keanu Reeves is the perfect Constantine IMHO. I’m surprised they didn’t make a sequel out of it. [Did they?]
  • Alice Throught the Looking Glass – Again, enjoyed the story, enjoyed the accents.
  • Notting Hill – I could barely make it through the end. You know the kind of genre you honestly can’t stand? Precisely.
  • The Book of Eli – same as for the Rover.
  • The Fantozzi Series – I think only if you are Italian can really enjoy it XD
  • Samsara – A classic like Little Buddha or The last emperor. I’m surprised I didn’t watch this before. Amazing scenery.
  • The Road – Painfully beautiful. I kind of want and don’t want to read the book, I don’t know if I’m able to go through the emotions twice. One of the best movies of 2016 for me.
  • The Lobster – And this is one of the worst. I don’t know if I found it more stupid, boring or meaningless.
  • Children of Men – Another re-watch that I loved. Original plot [at least for my standards], good acting, right atmosphere. Also somewhat disturbing relevant, considering the times we live in…?
  • Waterworld – Ok, honestly, this wasn’t that bad. Surely not good, but still remarkable to a certain extent. Kevin Costner does his best, let’s at least appreciate the effort.

I’m actually pretty impressed to see that I made it up to 25 movies this year, I wasn’t expecting such an intense activity! Considering the long wintery months of loneliness beckoning on the horizon I think I will probably reach 50 this year 🙂