{Planner Maniac} Kikki.k Compendium as Project Planner 

by Julia

As an archivist and a stationery junkie at the same time, I couldn’t do anything but love the idea of a compendium. A pretty case in which I can put paper, pens and sticky notes so that they don’t get all crumpled and messed up? Yes, please!

This said, I probably mentioned before that I’ve not always been satisfied with Kikki.k products; the design is surely original and very appealing, but the quality doesn’t meet the expectations. The leather cover is often very thin and overly stretched, plus the craftsmanship is far from being flawless. Nonetheless, this is one of the first products I bought from this brand and overall it turned out to be a good purchase.

It had remained unused for quite a long time, until roughly a month ago I suddenly felt the need of keeping a kind of guideline for my personal studies [general anthropology, shamanism, Japanese religions mainly] and I though ‘Woah, I finally have a purpose for my compendium!’ (^~^;)

Later on, I discovered that the theme for One Book July this year actually was project planning – best timing ever! For now the set up is really essential and maybe a little too decorative – I don’t think I really need all those sticky notes – but I know this kind of things tend to grow as you use them so I didn’t want to overdo it from the very beginning.

Of course this project is part of One Book July because is something I wanted to start setting up properly during this month, but by no means is something that I’m going to finish by the end of July – quite the contrary, this is only the occasion for getting started. First, because I have a full time job + a part time job, so I don’t have that much left in terms of free time for study. Second, because this is the kind of thing that takes shape in the long run, after having used and overused it.

Talking about the way I’m going to use it, it is honestly very simple: every page is going to be dedicated to a certain topic, and in there I’m going to write anything that is relevant for it in terms of reference materials [books, wiki pages, blogs, academic articles, key words etc.]. The ratio here is that, as I was saying, I don’t get to work on my projects as much as I would love to, so between one sessione and the other it may pass a month or even more; there’s no way for me to remember everything about a certain topic if I don’t write all relevant information carefully somewhere – hence the notebook.

I don’t want anything particularly structured [for once( ̄~ ̄)] that would become too complicated to update and manage; something this simple suits my need betetr for now. As I was saying this is just the beginning, I think I’ll be able to see progresses in not less than a couple of months, maybe more. But I feel very eager to use it and I’m utterly curious to see how it’ll evolve.

With this I’m done with my four posts on the One Book July challenge for 2016. This year I’ve enjoyed taking part into it in a different way than last year: this time it was a good chance to get to know more the way I can efficiently and effectively use a planner during particularly busy times and important life changes. And, as always, I’ve had the chance of enjoying once more the goodness of keeping it simple!