Remembering the Hanzi / Day 8 [Frames 317 ~ 399]

by Julia

Ah ah. When it comes to hanzi, there’s always a challenge just around the corner.

For some reason, lesson number 16 seems to be particularly hard for my brain to assimilate. I remember this set of characters where bothering me at the time I was studying Remembering the Kanji as well. The difference between arrow, fiesta, parade, just can’t stick. So annoying.

I guess one problem can be the fact that the English keywords themselves don’t evoke a clear image in my mind [what does exactly mean a fiesta…?], and unfortunately while I can arrange the stories my own way, I cannot change the keywords.

In this case I feel I’m really missing the community that on the other hand you can find around Remembering the Kanji [I already said that]. Is this book not so popular among Chinese learners…? I honestly can’t explain that.

But actually I know what I have to do – it’s just too bothersome \|  ̄ヘ ̄|/. I’ll take a couple of days to clear my mind and then I’ll open the book back and make notes to the stories that don’t stick into my head and create my owns in order to make vivid images. Time to roll up my sleeves and go back to work!

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