{Planner Maniac} One Book July 2016 ~ Brain dump essential set

by Julia

This is another long-had and long-used planner combination which features my pocket Filofax Flex, two Ikea’s plain notebooks [1 € each] and a Moleskine Pocket ruled cahier journal in indigo blue, blue biro pen, dark blue Muji gel pen 0.7 and an elastic closure from Kikki.k.

I started using the Ikea notebook [at that time without the Flex cover] last year when my life was totally crazy and my appointments and tasks where mostly out of control. I used it in partnership with my main planner [at that time, Kikki.k lilac and gold planner in medium size – terrible experience] as a way of relieving my mind from all the stress and pressure I was living at the time.

Later on I’ve kept using it mostly as my brain dump [scattered ideas, possible projects, un-ordered lists, inspirations and so on]; I was using it so much that I soon ran out of pages, so I decided to take a second Ikea notebook and to put them together into the Flex case. Later on I added the Moleskine cahier, mostly because I wanted to have a ruled small notebook for my ordered lists.

(Previously I had another Moleskine cahier but I can’t remember the exact name of the model; it was a little too small though and I found it difficult to write in it, so I bought this one which has the perfect size to fit in the Flex.)

I’ve been using my second Ikea notebook in a slightly different way. In the first one every page [or two adjoining pages] was basically an independent list, sorted out by topic. In this new one I have only one big list from the first to the last page, and I sort out stuff through colour coding [I use the same Zebra mildliners I already use for my main planner]. The ratio of this system is that this way I can just jot down quickly stuff as they pop up in my mind with my blue biro pen and then review everything in a moment of calm. I think the review part is essential not only for the regular planner but for the brain dump as well – re-evaluate stuff after a while is actually the main point of it I believe.

Usually I’m not a huge fan on plain paper because I simply can’t write straight without a guide, but the small format of the pages in the Ikea notebook actually makes me able to handle it without too much hassle. It honestly feels quite refreshing to write freely, but without the risk of making a mess.

I’ve not used my brain dump system always with the same constancy, but I’ve never really stopped this habit – and one book July is a very good occasion to dig a little more into it. I don’t mean to use it everyday because honestly don’t even think I need to write in it so often, I’m more willing to establish regular revision times [once a week seems reasonable] because seriously, it’s pointless to write down so many ideas and inspirations and then just forget about them, right?

I may also slip in a second Moleskine cahier to serve as a commonplace notebook [much tempting idea] but we’ll see.