Remembering the Hanzi / Day 7 [Frames 286 ~ 317]

by Julia

Ok. So I had to kind of start over again, as too much time had passed between one hanzi study session and the other.

But actually I decided to start in the middle, as beginning from Lesson 1 was way too demotivational.

So I’m basically going one step ahead and one step behind: I’ve started with a new lesson [n. 14], waited for it to be completely assimilated, then gone back to lesson n. 13, waited for it to be completely assimilated, gone to lesson n. 15 and so forth.

I have to say this system is working wonders, as I’m able to study new lessons [thus avoiding the feeling of failure] but at the same time I’m giving myself the chance to review past lessons I don’t remember that well.

Now that I think about it, I should probably do the same with Japanese. Uh.

Lesson n. 14 seems to have sticked into my head particularly well, as I see I tend to retain 90% of it even after a few days without revision. I think this happened because for some reason the images pop up particularly neatly in my mind, so I never have to make big efforts in order to recall the meaning of a character. My goal is to be able to create such vivid images for all other lessons in the book. Easier said than done (; ̄︶ ̄)

Some buttery bites anyone?