{Planner Maniac} One Book July 2016 ~ Introduction

by Julia

It’s time for One Book July again! Last year this challenge proved to be a real panacea for my at-the-time chronic planner slump dissatisfaction. One book [which in my case rhymed with one set of weekly inserts], one pen and a very limited amount of highlighters was the recipe for finally being able to make my system work. And honestly since then every time I’ve tried to make things more complicated than that I’ve always failed.

Considering how July is going to unfold for me this year, I doubt I’ll have much to blog about the progress of my study programs [unfortunately], so I’ll probably be more focusing on planners and books. Hoping that I’ll be reading a little more this trimester, of course ._.

Considering that I’ve posted recently about my planning experience with bullet journaling, this will be a series of mini posts [to not repeat myself too much] talking not just about the what but mostly about the how.

So in the next three posts I’ll be showing the three books forming the core of my planning system:

  1. A5 Filofax Boston for everyday planning
  2. Filofax Flex for brain dump
  3. Kikki.K Compendium for project planning [which is this year focus, and a new entry for me as well]

I would like to clarify something I didn’t have the chance to do before. I personally am a supporter of functional planning approaches; which basically means, I take a planner for what it is – something that’s supposed to simplify and organise my life. I do not make art out of it. I have nothing against people who do [why should I?], I would probably decorate more myself if I were at least a little bit artistic. But I’m not, and I take this as the chance to be really focused on planning and time management.

I’m not a great fan of the consumerist approach to planners either. I was guilty of this at the beginning of my process but I’m much less now. Of course I like to use pretty planners but 1) I never bought anything in the plannersphere which wasn’t on sale [30% or more] 2) it’s not that important to me anymore. I’m not here to brag about my planner collection, really. I just want to share my planning experience. That’s all folks.