{Books in a Nutshell} April ~ June 2016

by Julia


Oh my. Clearly spring was not reading season this year – though I’ve been dreaming all winter of me lying on a green lawn with my sun glasses and a book. Now of course it’s already summer and it’s too late for all of this. Honestly, I went through a certain phase of reading slump – partially due to the fact that I started some things I wasn’t really in the mood for. But no worries, summer is going to be a long hot season of mostly loneliness and work, I plan to dig into my TBR lists as soon as I get back from Scotland!

 Jiang Rong – Wolf Totem
|Italian Translation|

This is a difficult book to review. Surely there were a lot of themes that interested me greatly: Cina’s political history, Inner Mongolia traditions and nomadic life, wolves observation – I could go on and on. What I can say is that I found it not always well constructed from a narrative point of view; many pages could have been trimmed down considerably and certain considerations on wolves’ life were repeated over and over again. More than this, I found certain remarks on the difference Chinese/farm life – Mongol/nomadic life interesting but also extremely over-simplistic. All in all I liked it but wasn’t completely satisfied.

Rated 3/5 stars on Goodreads


 Uwe Wesel – Der Mythos vom Matriarchat
|Italian Translation|

I enjoyed reading this book. I was completely new to the topic and I found it intriguing enough to be willing to delve into it more after finishing the book. From an anthropological point of view, it gives a quite thorough overview on the relevant bibliography [which is good good good]; at the same time I found it a little confused especially in the last chapters, leaving me with the feeling of not having a clear conclusion. This is a good starting point, but for those interested in the topic there’s a lot more of work to do [and books to read].

Rated 3/5 stars on Goodreads


 Margaret Weis, Tracy Hackman – Dragonlance Legends
|Italian Translation|

This is LOVE. One of the best fantasy books of all times and definitely the best of the Dragonlance saga. I loved it, totally and unconditionally. If I had to explain why I would have to write a 10.000 words blog post, which I don’t think is the case. Everything was simply and utterly perfect, from the plot to the characters to the atmosphere. But if I were to choose just one reason why I would recommend this book, I would say that the characters here are so perfectly portrayed that it’s almost impossible not to resonate with them (and this is particularly rare in the fantasy world). So yes, even if it was just for this reason, the book is totally worth it.

Rated 5/5 stars on Goodreads

Let’s see how I will actually be able to read in the next 3 months!