{Books} May mini haul

by Julia

It’s nearly impossible for me to go to a book shop and exit with empty hands. I’ve tried to apply the rule no-more-books-until-I’-ve-finished-those-I-already-have but it has almost never worked. And to be completely honest I’m not feeling that guilty.

This month I’ve chosen three books, one fiction, one reportage and one dictionary [really :D]

1| Colin Thubron ~ Shadow of the Silk Road

I’m in a Asian countries mood readings right now [as it’s clear from my current book on the shelf], and in all honesty I’m surpresed I didn’t know anything about this author who has written extensively about Asia. The Silk Road is a hot topic for me [the Kitaro influence has left a deep mark], so I believe this would be just the first step towatrds Thubron’s bibliography.


2| Collins Japanese Pocket Dictionary

Can you believe that I’ve never had a paper dictionary for Japanese? As I’m diggin back into the language I thought it was about time to start going analog and learn out to browse a proper dictionary [plus, I found it at a very good price!]. Jisho.org will always be a handy tool but as I go on reading a paper reference is needed as well.


3| Alan Dean Foster ~ The Black Hole

I know absolutely nothing about either the book or the author, but I’ve always been a sci-fi geek and lately I’m experiecing a sort of black fascination from the 50s/60s/70s novels of the genre. And to be completely honest, summertime always gets me in the mood of light but absorbing books. So I guess this will do perfectly.


I’m currently somewhat stuck in my readings – I’m not in a reading slump really, it’s just that for some reason it’s been taking me forever to go on with the books of the moment. I hope to go back to a higher reading pace soon and to bite into my new entries asap. A glass of good iced tea with a colourful parasol would be the pefect pairing.