by Julia


I hate summer.

I wouldn’t necessarily define myself a winter gal. I actually enjoy all seasons as a I am a nature lover and I always feel fascinated by the natural cycle of ‘death’ and ‘rebirth’. When I was young summer used to be my favourite season – mostly because it meant 3-months summer vacation, lol.

Apart from that, at that time the weather was different. 30/32°C was the maximum we could experience, and by the seaside you couldn’t go out at night without have a light sweater with you.

Now it’s impossible to even think about a summer without 38/40°C and 80% of humidity. You go out and just melt. When inside, you cannot live without the air con. Taking a bus is a nightmare. Taking a train is a nightmare. Just going out for a walk anytime after 8.00am is a nightmare. Most of my favourite activities (drinking hot tea, curling up in blankets, having soup for dinner) have to stop completely. That’s not funny.

I also have extremely pale and thin skin that gets burnt in a instant under glaring sun. I always have to keep stock of sun creams with 30 SPF at least. And sun creams are heavy and greasy.

All this said, my good intention for this summer is to try and just take it easy. Last summer was a complete nightmare, because the weather was unbearable but also (mostly) because I was working full time and studying for my board exam, and no, it wasn’t really the best type of schedule. This year I have far less committments [apart from those I create myself BUT THIS IS ANOTHER STORY] so if the hot weather makes me feel lazy and tired I’ll just do the coach potatoe and be happy with that.

Plus, peaches are coming. Total bliss.