Remembering the Hanzi / Day 6 [Frames 237 ~ 286]

by Julia

I feel a little more positive about my characters learning challenge compared to the mood of my last post on the topic. This last week has not been much study-oriented as I’ve been away to celebrate my birthday (oh yes), but before that I’ve make an effort to do things right and to study more constantly, especially reviewing all the already learnt hanzi every day.

It really takes just a few minute to do it everyday and it’s also the only way to make them stick in my head. Unfortunately I’m not always able to do this as work and normal life tasks often get in the way – you know, grown ups stuff. But I try to do my best anyway.

I don’t exactly know where I’ll end up with this challenge [maybe I should call it trial] since I’m somehow going back to some Japanese study. Simplified hanzi and kanji are not the same thing and I can’t deny I’m afraid to make just a big big mess. Ahah. Never ending drama.

I believe the only reasonable thing to do now is to plan out a weekly study schedule allocating some time to Chinese and some other to Japanese. I honestly can’t anticipate realistically how many hours per week I’ll be able to dedicate to my study activities, but hey, errors and trials exist for a reason. What I can say for sure is that I don’t want to throw all my Chinese study out of the window so I’ll think about it and find a way to keep up. Less is always better than nothing.