Japanese Talk / 4

by Julia

Oh dear. This was unexpected.

For a series of circumstances I won’t spend time explaining here, I happened to find a Japanese language pal.

I’ve been having the intention to find a speaking partner for a long time, without actually wanting to do it. Like, I had a lot of good intentions – in theory. I wasn’t really ready to find time for such a commitment, and I wasn’t willing to make a fool of myself trying to speak a foreign language when I know I’m not able to.

Oh well.

My language pal is a hell of a highbrow, she speaks perfectly [apart from Japanese] English, French and Italian [what the heck], she’s a highly literated and interesting person – in short, I’m completely in love with her.

We’ve met just once for now but I feel that as long as we both stay in Italy we can keep up with the meetings – which would help me tremendously with my non-existent speaking skills.

I won’t lie, this is a considerable earthquake for my current study set up as lately I’ve been incredibily on track with my Chinese schedule – actually, I had decided to put Japanese apart for a while as I was realizing I’m not able to manage well to languages at the same time. This clearly shakes everything up.

To be clear, I’m not complaining. I’ve actually waited for the right opportunity to bring my Japanese to the next level and I know I probably won’t have a second chance (at least not with such an interesting person). I just have to arrange things differently to find the time to squeeze in some Japanese time in my week, as I seriously need to practice an awful lot
(≧ヘ≦ )