30 for 30 / Birthday edition!

by Julia

Today I turn 30 so I have to say goodbye to the 20s decade ( ॣ•͈૦•͈ ॣ) though some people have tried to make me feel bad about it I’m actually thrilled at the idea of starting a new chapter of my life and I expect a lot of cool things to happen [chronic optimist?], so I thought it could be nice to share 30 things about myself I’ve discovered along these first 30 years of life.

  1. Ramen is and always will be my favourite food on the planet
  2. Food in general is one of the greatest pleasures in life
  3. Dogs are lovely creatures and I love them, but by nature I’m a cat lady
  4. I hate coffe. But I love tea of every kind [black, green and white], and I also appreciate fruity herbal teas
  5. I can’t work without music. Whether I’m studying, tidying up my room or having a shower I need to have some sort of background. iTunes and analogic radio are my best friends
  6. Peach is the most wonderful of all fruits
  7. I love fanatasy, cyberpunk and sci-fi / whether we’re talking about books or comics or movies or anime
  8. I’m an archivist by profession, by anthropology will always be in my heart
  9. I’m attracted by martial arts in all forms. I’ve practiced taichi for two years [and hope to retrieve it soon] but I love practically all kind of Asian martial arts. This is mostly because I see them as an important self training not just for the physical health but also for the mind. They help people raise awareness about the way the use their body and help increase control and concentration.
  10. Chicken soup, mashed potatoes and apple crumble are my top 3 winter comfort foods
  11. Tom Cruise is my favourite actor since I was 10
  12. I love watching houses’ open windows at night and imagine what kind of life people are having there
  13. I find that a simple but well structured beauty routine is a good way for starting/ending well the day and taking care of myself at the same time
  14. Cremino ice cream it’s just too much to bear
  15. I love having dance-in-your-pants-with-music-in-your-headphones nights  when I’m alone at home
  16. I still can’t figure how to fold fitted sheets properly [and it drives me nuts]
  17. Stationery items are my guilty pleasure
  18. I love taking photos but I’ve never learned enough about photography theory. This is something I hope to change soon
  19. In the field of music I love among other things the ambient/chillout/new age scene. My favourite artists are Kitaro, Enigma and Yanni
  20. Planners are a relatively new introduction in my life but they’ve had a major impact on it
  21. I love everything that has to do with hazelnuts
  22. Maybe people won’t tell just by looking at me, but I’m a nerd at heart: I love anime, manga, videogames, rpg and comics fairs
  23. I love driving
  24. I would really be happy to have the time to blog more. I’ve somehow managed to post every 4 days in the last couple of months but I would be really happy if I could make it every 3 days. I have a lot I want to share and I feel surprinsingly comfortable writing here
  25. I’m terrible at drawing
  26. The first time I got on a plane I was 3. I celebrated by 7th birthday in San Francisco, California.
  27. My favourite classic novels are those from British literature of the 19th century
  28. I’m an only child [I don’t share the power] but I have 12 cousins
  29. Socks and pijamas are definitely my favourite pieces of clothes
  30. I believe in the power of nature, good thinking, honesty and mutual respect

And to wrap things up, I think this video represents very well my current mood 😀