My newly established Weekly Habits Schedule

by Julia

It’s never too late to learn a humility lesson.

I was having dinner (sushi!) with a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago – she is a little peculiar, so to speak, I definitely have a good opinion of her but some traits of her personality just didn’t make her someone I thought I would draw inspiration from.

Never, never underestimate the possibility of learning something from anyone.

Long story short, I discovered she has a full time job, she lives in a lovely and incredibly spacious two-romms flat by herself (such a luxury), she goes swimming, attends a B2 level language course and she watches a lot of interesting documentaries/reads quite e few books. Oh, and she has a cat.

So much for her low-profile.

I found myself really envying her as she’s practically living the life I always wanted, lol.

Anyways, talking to her actually triggered me. I started thinking more about how I structure my days/time, and I realised that even if I don’t have complete freedom in setting up my schedule, I can definitely do better if I want to. And I want to.

Of course the first thing to do was to jot down my ideas and make a plan [hello to the organization freak that is in me]. Though I’m a renowned paper lover, I preferred to do things digital as I’m still waiting to start my internship so I don’t have a fixed weekly schedule yet. Here’s what I’ve come up for now:

  1. My morning routine has been pretty consistent for the last two years or so [apart from yoga, which is a recent addition], and I’ve discovered that starting the day on the right foot really boosts my productivity and motivation. I don’t always get to do things the way I want but at least I get the idea of how it should be.
  2. Now that I’m mostly at home during the day I have the chance to take half an hour of break after lunch to read something. Poket means reading articles/watching videos I’ve saved in my account1; productivity reading refers to David Allen’s Getting Things done that I’m currently reading and taking notes from as part of my self-improvement project; reading refers to narrative =) I know I’ll probably have to give up this routine once my internship starts, altought I hope I’ll be able to carve out some time during lunchbreak.
  3. Sushi & drama: my local grocery store sells freshly made nigiri and salmon/prawn sushi pieces [they’re not the best quality out there, of course, but the price/quality ratio is fairly good indeed], so I thought that once I week I could treat myself a low-profile sushi dinner watching Asian dramas 😀
  4. I don’t know for the rest of the world but at the time I was attending high school we had MTV airing anime every Tuesday night [it was called MTV Anime Night, no surprise]. Through it I discovered some epic anime like Cowboy Bebop, Karekano, Inuyasha, Great Teacher Onizuka, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Slam Dunk etc. I thought it was nice to be a little nostalgic and go back to a fixed weekly apppintment I use to enjoy that much!
  5. I’ve also blocked out two days per week to devote to movies watching. I used to be a great film lover but lately I’ve shifted a lot towards tv series / dramas, so, yes, here too I’m trying to retrieve some good habits of the past =)
  6. Sunday afternoon should be devoted to planning the week ahead, and I say should because not always things go according to plan [especially in the week end]. This is not a planner-related post so I won’t dig into the topic any longer, I just wanted to say I would like to make planner revision a integral part of my general weekly habits.
  7. Finally, I wish sunday night could become a moment of relax and calmness to recharge the batteries and be prepared for the upcoming week. Meditation is something I’ve attempted to get into for quite some time now – without success. Let’s see if I can manage to improve a little into this area too!

I like having plans and following routines but sometimes I realise that I don’t use them enough to get to do the things I want to. I often blame others for the supposed chronic lack of time to devote to my essential activities, but the time has come to be honest and be in charge of my own decisions.

Off I go watching the Eruvision final on youtube now, favourite are Jamie Lee (Germany), Nina (Croatia) and Amir (France) ʸ(➜◡ु⚈᷉)♡⃛

1. This is part of my ‘simplifying project’ which implies trying not to pile up dozen of thousands of articles to read / videos to watch as reference material that I never actually use. The ideal would be to read the same number of articles that I add to Poket everyweek – dream goal is to get an empty inbox but I prefer to fly down for the moment ._.