What remains and what passes

by Julia

I’m waiting for a lot of new stuff this month. I should finally start with my internship, I have some explore-your-city plans + library full immersion in mind, my 30th birthday is coming in a couple of weeks and [as a consequence] a new phantasmagoric camera is on its way. Can’t wait for each of this stuff to happen.

I can’t deny that since I left my 1st job my life quality has increased immensely. Though my 2nd job is absorbing more portions of time than I initially thought, overall I’m able to dedicate myself to my ‘essential activities’ in a way that was unthinkable before. Planning, reading, doing yoga: I manage to do all these stuff everyday and I cannot express how this makes me feel fulfilled right now.

I think the part of the day I’m enjoying the most right now is evening. Yes, for all the reasons I explained before, but also because now I’m able to implement my ideal before-bed routine, which implies

  1. drama/tv series watching
  2. relaxing shower
  3. reading [a lot]

What strikes me the most is that the more you grow up, the more you understand how incredibly simple life actually is. We don’t really need much to be happy, once we get in touch with our inner self and start to understand what kind of lifestyle we actually want. The last 2 years have been a good life training in terms of what is worth and what not – and I’ve discovered that time to do what it’s important for me is something I’m not willing to give up on. But I’ve also discovered that what is important to me are mostly simple things. No big dreams of huge career paths or huge apartments and party all night.

Rambling post.

Soon we’ll be thirty years old
our songs have been sold
we’ve traveled around the world
and we’re still roaming