{Beauty} Current night routine # 2

by Julia

I can’t help it, I just love bed time. I am a sleeper by nature [not in the sense that I oversleep, just that I enjoy immensely sleeping a good amount of hours per night] and I love the feeling of washing the day off. Literally and metaphorically.

I’m a not a beauty obsessed but I like to have a little pamper time at the very end of my day and to try different products according to my skin needs [which are very basic indeed – neither oily nor super dry skin, no specific problem of pimples/zeist, no acne]. Basically a fuss free skin, olè olè.

I have to admit that this fuss-free attitude often brings me to choose products on the base of the appeal level of the packaging .__. with mixed results of course. Well I’m in that fase of life in which I like to experiment a little with different brands so why not trying to buy stuff which go well together on a chromatic basis? I mean, seriously.

Products I’m currently using:

1| Venus – Micellar Water
Wow: good and light fragrance, eye-friendly
Meh: doesn’t remove all the make up, especially eye liner and mascara
(Dis)Approval: will possibly rebuy – but to be used in combination with another makeup remover [I don’t believe in what micellar water brands claim anyway]

2| Clinians – Hydra Basic Face Cleanser
Wow: thorough cleanser with a nice and not-too-persistent scent, loved the gel-like consistency
Meh: dries a little the skin [like all other cleanser I’ve tried tbh]
(Dis)Approval: will definitely rebuy

3| L’Oréal Paris – Skin Toner
Ok I really wanna say something about this product here. I said I’m not extremely demanding with ingredients and stuff but this is too much even for me. Is seriously L’Oréal still making skin toners with alcohol in them? Seriously? I didn’t even bother checking the ingradients because I was sure no one is still using it nowdays. I’m using it mostly to clean my sink, can you beieve it? I wish I could have my money back. L’Oréal will have to work a lot to regain my trust [like they bother anyway].
Wow: nothing
Meh: burns the eyes, definitely not moisturizing
(Dis)Approval: will never rebuy

4| Clinians – Hydra Basic Face Moisturizer
Wow: not greasy but still nourishing, nice and not-too-persistent scent
Meh: nothing in particular
(Dis)Approval: will definitely rebuy

By the time I post this I’ve already finished a couple of these products [this post has sat in my drafts way too long ;__;], and tbh I’m thinking about going more minimalistic for my next morning/evening routine. It’s a way of saving money, time and especially waste – but I won’t say anything more for the moment as I’m still working on it!