Remembering the Hanzi / Day 5 [Frames 201 ~ 236]

by Julia

Just a quick update from the front of my character study. Things are going on, not at a very cracking pace but steadily nonetheless. Retention rate is currently higher than I expected, but I can see it floating a lot. Memory is a weird thing indeed.

Despite having just one job at the moment, I’ve found myself less and less involved in language learning activities these days. This is due partially to the growth of tasks for my at-the-moment only one job, but partially – I dunno. Self study is always a roller coaster not just of motivation but also of emotions and the like, so no, I’m not that surprised to see that I’m not always in the mood for it.

In any case, keeping motivation in studying character it’s one of the hardest things for me – especially when I’m not reading that much at all and I don’t feel the urge of learning a bunch of new 汉字. It’s always the same dog chasing its tail, if I don’t read I don’t learn but for being able to read I need to learn first. Pretty disappointing, uh?

To be completely honest another factor is that the grammar book I’m using at the moment is of the kind without dialogues and stuff like that, which is exactly what I was looking for right now but of course it doesn’t help me to be exposed to more characters. Oh well. You just can’t have it all. I keep my intention up and follow the path I chose trying not to worry too much.