Chinese Talk / 9

by Julia

I don’t want to say it too early, but I feel like I’m settling down this time. The material I’m using right now seems to be interesting enough, and apparently is helping me making some progresses [though this is always hard to assess]. When I was using the previous textbook I had somehow to force myself to study – not that I didn’t want to dedicate time to Chinese (quite the contrary), I just didn’t feel in tune with that specific book.

Now things are going definitely better and I actually look forwards to studying my new books o(≧∇≦o). I’ve also found a new way of organizing my weekly study using both Wunderlist and Todoist. I’ve been toying with it for less than two weeks so I’ll refrain myself from making too much optimistic predictions – for now, it just works.

[I’m also changing my planner system to a certain extent, but this is a whole other topic and I’m doing it for mostly different reasons].

Anyways, right now I feel like I’ve found language learning peace with my Chinese study and I feel uttlerly blissed. I have my weekly/daily routine, and I’m learning how to balance everything in order not to leave anything behind. So right now I’m concentrating my weekly efforts on these resources:

  1. Chinese Class 101 ~ I’ve talked about this before, I’m not able to evaluate the system as a whole but what I can say is that, at least at a beginner level [so much for my intermediate course], it actually works for me. It provides both a listening and speaking practice [= repeating out loud, practicing the tones] and helps me getting accustomed to the oral language. So far so good.
  2. Modern Mandarine Chinese Practice ~ I have to digital version because hey, my shelves have limited place now + it’s so much easier to study when I’m out and about with digital books. Plus this is exactly the kind of grammar I need right now – no fictional characters, dialogues and all that stuff but actual grammar step by step. It has a lot of interesting insights on cultural aspects, common sayings, everyday-life expressions and proverbs. I don’t know if this will last but for now I feel like I’m learning a lot.
  3. Remembering Simplified Hanzi ~ I made an entire series of posts on this topic so I won’t indulge over. It’s a long shot but I think it’s worth it – I’d have to tackle the characters problem sooner or later anyway.
  4. Language Learning NotebookI’ve been really reluctant and unsure about the opportunity of starting a new notebook, as I had failed many times before. I’m actually very surprised to say that the experiment is working incredibly well and that it has proven to be a great source in my LL learning. I’m so happy with my notebook that I’ll probably do a dedicated post on it [providing I won’t drop it beforetime… Meh ヽ(ー_ー )ノ]

Apart from being a pain-in-the-neck studyaholic, in the last few weeks I’ve also discovered LuHan from EXO [basically this song] and I’m kind of addicted now I guess? Honestly dunno, it looks like a couple of years ago when I professed myself an Infinite fan just because I loved their song The Chaser, lol. Anyway it’s just for language learning sake’s, right??

(ง ´͈౪`͈)ว