Adjusting to changes

by Julia

I find myself lingering in a life transional phase right now. A month ago I knew about my forthcoming move to Scotland. This month I’m going to quit my main job and start an internship as an archivist [it was about time]. I honestly can’t wait to start working for what I’ve been trained to do + tbh I was growing tired of working in an environment that wasn’t exactly what I’d been expecting for my future. I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds me and I’m proud of what I’ve done as I still believe it was the right thing to do at that time – simply, I’m now ready to move on.

Surely it won’t be automatic to adjust to a new weekly pattern – I’ll finally free myself from the much-hated commuter life [which is good], but I’ll switch from a 3 days main job to a 5 days main job, which means I’ll have only evenings and the weekend to attend my secondo job tasks AND everything else [which is not that good]. Well, I believe that grown-ups’ life is mainly about learning how to manage that scarce resource that is time, and this surely won’t be neither the first nor the last time.

I’m not much of a night person so I can see coming close many trials and errors. But still, the challenge tickles me.

I have some projects in storage for the upcoming months, mainly good habits I’ve tried to implement and that have turn out with mixed results; I’ll do my best to be good and try not to do everything all at once, as I know this is the most effective strategy for failure. I’ll strive to focus on just one/maximum two main goals at a time without putting anything else on the plate. I’ll blog about this later on.

For now, I revel in the thoughts of all the things that I’ve missed doing during these very longs months like

  1. having dinner at 6.30 pm
  2. watching dramas/tv series every night before bedtime
  3. having a regular yoga routine
  4. taking photos around the city
  5. grabbing an ice cream downtown before coming home or
  6. popping in my favourite bookshop downtown before coming home or
  7. stopping at my favourite coofee shop downtown to study languages before coming home or
  8. popping over at my favourite bakery downtown to read my current novel before going home

A lot of books and food are involved in here. Oh well.