Shiny Happy Moments / March

by Julia

♠| Soundtrack [full albums]. A Girl Meets Bossanova, Oliavia Ong
♠| In the headphones. Tonight, Le cassette. Moon, StarCat. Don’t stop runnin, Let Em Riot
On the bedsidetable. Margaret Weis, The Soulforge. Kyung-sook Shin, Please Look After Mom. Jung Chang, Wild Swans.  Mun-yol Yi, Our Twisted Hero.
♠| Best on the plate. Sushi dinner [super yummy]
♠| On the screen [tv series]. House MD S2, Heroes S1
On the screen [dramas]. Alice no Toge [FINISHED!]
♠| Movies seen. The man who fell to earth. Star Wars – A new hope. Star Wars – The empire strikes back. Star Wars – The return of the Jedi
♠| Pages read. 753
Books finished. 3
♠| Most worn clothes. Parka. Ankle boots.
♠| Chinese grammar chapters finished. 5
♠| Chinese Class lessons. 7
♠| Posts published. 7
♠| Photos shared. 5 + 6