Remembering the Hanzi / Day 4 {Frames 109 ~ 201}

by Julia

Easter vacations [always very short] bought over more available study time so I had the chance to push forward my characters preparation. Here’re my toughts on the process:

  1. the more the hanzi, the grater the confusion
  2. retention rate dropping
  3. feeling slightly tired of the stories

Well, I may sound more pessimistic than I actually am. Because despite all the above, I still feel much motivated to go on with the challenge. I knew it wasn’t going to be all a bed of roses, especially with an increased number of characters under my belt. Heisig method is nothing that another memorization excercise after all.

I’ve also come to realize that I’m – again – not doing things right. In the last 3 months I’ve spent a lot of time revising my standard Chinese decks on Anki [= words and phrases], while the RSH deck was left only for the days I’m at home.

[There’s actually a reason for this – surprisingly enough it looks like Anki web doesn’t have the customized study option, and without that I cannot review characters from the exact lessons I’ve studied – annoying (; ̄Д ̄)]

Anyways I can clearly see how wrong this approach is, as (again) we’re talking about almost mere memorization here. So daily review is more than necessary.

I think I can say that perseverance always pays off. As I proceed with my challenge I have the chance of studying not just Chinese characters but my behavioural pattern in language learning as well. I can see more easily whether something is working or not, what I’m doing wrong and why I’m doing that. I’m testing my ability of being consistent in the long run and of being able to manage huge chuncks of study information. Overall, a good life training.