{On the Screen} The 100 – Season 2

by Julia

Before anything else I feel like I should say that this is definitely not one of my favourite tv series. I’m keeping watching it because it’s new [sometimes even I get bored of relying uniquely on 2000s shows] and because it’s not that bad. The main reasons why this is not my piece of cake are 1) a little too much teen agers drama 2) unbearable female main characters.

Random thoughts on the show [SPOILERS]

1) I can’t stand Clarke, but in the course of the second series I discovered Abby is even more unbearable. Seriously, I cannot understand how biased and unbalanced she can be in her decision-making process as the group leader. She’s very willing to sacrifice the others but when it comes to her daughter risks are no longer to be taken. She really, really gets on my nerves and I can’t wait for her character to die and disappear -.-

2) ok, Finn’s death was a brilliant¬†move. I was bored for most part of the episode [which was the mid-season finale, if I’m not wrong] but the epilogue was really well thought. In my personal perspective it also gave a heroic dimention to a character I was pretty indifferent about until that episode.

3) Grounders’ secret agreement with Mount Weather was a great black stain in the plot. If you really care about coherence you cannot conceive the possibility of a tribal-like people accepting such a deception at the back of their allies. In addition, it dismantled all the adrenaline for the impending battle.

4) Clarke’s transformation at the end of the series was a good point. She’s one of my least loved characters, so in order to reappraise her I needed to see something more extreme. And, well, it happened.

5) I also appreciated Maya’s death. I loved her and she was the sweetest and strongest female character of all 2nd season, and even more so because they made a tragic character out of her. What’s gonna happen to Jasper now? I’m curious about this.

6) overall, the plot of 2nd season was extremely boring and worst of all repetitive. Too many situations already seen a hundred times and, again, too much teen drama. The whole Mount Weather situation was dragged about for too long and with too poor plot ideas. In this regard, season 1 was way better.

7) Jaha last scene? Do we really have to talk about it? He and Murphy dead in the desert would have been an interesting plot twist. This one, not so much really.

8) ok, I like the Clexa liason, I admit it. It’s the main reason I’m looking forward to start watching series 3. This is another good plot twist – after Finn’s death whose arms was Clarke going to fall in? I anticipated something with Bellamy but this is a way better solution.

Let’s see how the new series is going to turn out in the next couple of weeks.