Chinese Talk / 8

by Julia

I’ve shifted my system. Again.

The more I would like to  be consistent, the more I find myself changing tools and methods. I guess I’ll just have to deal with that.

In fact, I don’t feel that bad about this as I did before. Continuity in process is something that I still value, of course; but in all honesty if I realise that the current system is not really bringing me anywhere, should I keep it just for the sake of consistency? Language learning is not = to just studying. You have to enjoy it and to feel you’re doing things your way, so changing method is not something I should regard as a failure but rather as a sign of awareness.

Of course I have to be realistic about my estimation of language resources: before changing, did I really use a certain textbook/website for long enough in order to be able to have a thorough idea of it? Or I am just bored and in need of doing something new? [which is not a bad thing per se, but it can become an hindrance if it leads to too fragmented learning].

Even though there are times in which I still feel bad about my non-continuity in LL study, I’m starting considering it a sort of natural process for those who [like me] haven’t found their ‘perfect’ system yet. Experimenting is a good thing, provided that you always keep in mind your purpose and your intimate motivation.

I’ll say more about the kind of resources I’m using right now in further posts; just wanted to show up and say that yes, I’m still very into Chinese – and all other stuff Asia in general.