Remebering the Hanzi / Day 3 {Frames 72 ~ 108}

by Julia

How many frames do I have to go before I can cry victory and say ‘Ok, I’m gonna stick with this method’?

I’m barely over 100 characters [which means 1400 new 汉字 still to go] so I don’t want to make any premature statement; nonetheless, I keep feeling highly motivated without getting the slightest sense of boredom so far. Which is pretty much a success for the time being.

The only thing I regret about going the 汉字 way is that Remembering the kanji has a much more active community on the web – starting with Kanji Koohii, in which among other things every learner can freely share his/her own version of a character’s story [turns out to be very useful, when Heisig’s version simply sucks and you simply can’t bring yourself remembering that damn character]. I don’t know why such a thing doesn’t exist for the Chinese characters learners. And I can’t even use the Japanese version because some meanings are different. Too bad.

I now understand how stupid I was not reviewing studied materials with Anki when I first started Remembering the Kanji. As I said in the first post about Heisig’s method, here too we are in the plain field of pure repetition. No story memorisation will ever prevent the inevitable fading of forms and meanings. To me, Anki is and remains the best tool to maintain things fresh in my head, and I’m finding it an invaluable tool once more.

The other essential step is trying to read real-language content as much as I can to practice learnt characters on the ground. I honestly don’t think I can get that far which just 100+ characters under my belt, but I’m working on this. There’s so much free content I can benefit from out there, I’m so eager of showing myself I’ve actually come to the point I can use the language in real-life contexts. It will take time, but still.