{On the Screen} I remember you/Hello Monster

by Julia

OMG, did I love this drama. It started like a loose Korean detective story found randomly on Drama.net and it ended up being my 2nd favourite drama of all times [right after In a Good Way]. I have to admit that Korean dramas are beautifully made and usually have that +1 that often J/C/T dramas lack. I can totally get people saying that they started learning Korean after falling in love with Korean dramas [I would do too, if I weren’t already bustling about with other two Asian languages]. I’ve been totally into this from roughly Ep. 9 and it has been a climax of feelings until the end. Too much to bear, especially if your pair the story with an amazing OST [can we talk about this song? Can we?]. I was reading over on YT that apparently the show didn’t have great rates in its homeland, I hope this is not true because to me it was really, really good.

Random thoughts about the drama:

a. the story was captivating. I loved the way they were giving little pieces of the puzzle one step at a time and how they kept the tension high without overdoing it. The plot was intriguing and creepy just enough to fall in love with almost every character. 

b. the female lead was great. She was silly, but not too much, and also cool, but not too much. There were a little too many stupid scenes with her doing dumb things at the beginning of the story, but it got better along the line. 

c. great plot twists. Nothing too excessive but enough to keep the spirit high. They managed to deliver shocking turning points until the very end of the story without making it absurd. Very well done. 

d. not too much focus on the love story. I know for someone this can be a downturn, but for me actually wasn’t. It avoided all those dull him-her situations typical of Asian dramas that I personally don’t fancy that much. 

e. I would have loved more brothers-relationship focus. I was a little disappointed to see that the two were reunited only more than half way through the story, their relationship was the focal point of the plot and I wish more time was dedicated to it. 

f. the bromance OMG (∩˃o˂∩)♡. Its was almost too much to bear, beautiful, tragic, heartbreaking and the two actors looked and worked amazingly together. I would die to see them again in another drama. 

g. somewhat shitty final episode. I pretty much liked the way the story ended – so it’s not a matter of plot, it’s rather an issue with the atmosphere. I would have liked more emotional scenes with the right music, right words and right light – it was overall flat. Too bad, they had all the tools to create something heartbreaking and unforgettable.


I believe I’m going to rewatch this very soon, it was incomparably amazing!