{Beauty} Current morning routine # 2

by Julia

I am a morning person. I’m a morning person, and I’m a routine person and I’m probably also a slightly OCD person so yes, I need my morning routine as much as I need the air I breathe and honestly I don’t even know if all these beauty products are *really* good for our skin, all I know is that they’re certainly good for my peace of mind.

[Inhale after this almost-in-apnea very long sentence]

I also have to say the feeling my skin cleansed and soft at the touch is one of the most luxurious feelings I can experience in my daily life. I don’t perceive my skin routine as something ‘esternal’ (I want to look beautiful in front of the others) but rather as a personal choice of inner wellness and awareness.

As I want it to be something good to my health I try to use mostly organic and cruelty free products. TBH I don’t know to what extent you can call ‘organic’ a beauty product and I also believe that I the last years there’s been a consiredable spreading of false beliefs about what I really bad for our skin – anyway, as I’m not an expert I try to apply a little common sense here too.

My morning routine is still very basic. Again I’m not that much into fashion and make up so I really don’t feel the need of starting my morning with tons of products on my skin. The only thing I’ve added is the toning phase, as it looks like during winter time [but I honestly don’t think I can really call this spring-like weather winter] my skin needs it more.

Products I’m using:

1| Omnia Botanica – Rosa Mosqueta Cleansing Gel
Wow: light but effective, leaves the skin pleasantly fresh, a very small amount is more than enough to cleanse thoroughly the face and neck
Meh: the scent id a little unusual [probably due to the fact there are no added parfumes]
(Dis)Approval: will rebuy

2| Omnia Botanica – Rosa Mosqueta Toning Water
Wow: fresh and light on the skin
Meh: takes forever to dry, causes a slight translucent effect on the skin
(Dis)Approval: will probably not rebuy

3| Roberts – Rosa Mosqueta and Jojoba oil Hydrating Face Cream
Wow: lovely scent, not oily
Meh: not super moisturizing in cold months
(Dis)Approval: will probably rebuy

4| Bottega Verde – Aloe Vera Eye Contouring Gel
Wow: helps giving a little more hydration
Meh: I don’t see much the point TBH
(Dis)Approval: will probably not rebuy
With regards to my beauty disposal plan I can proudly say that these are all new products I bought no more than a couple of weeks before starting using them [no more skeletons in the cupboard].