Chinese talk / 7 

by Julia

Happy Year of the Monkey everyone!

[I know Chinese new year was on the 8th, but this is the first Chinese-themed post I wrote since then so it will do anyway].

I actually don’t know anyone who is 属猴子的,at least for now. In my family we’re all 虎/龙/兔子/牛 (where tiger it’s me and dragon my significant other, can you imagine a less auspicious union?? ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌).

Enough with the ramblings.

A few weeks ago I realised that only mostly studying grammar wasn’t going to bring me anywhere really – because I wasn’t learning that much and, even more, because grammar is my comfort zone and I’ve vowed not to cuddle up in my comfort zone ever again.

I also have to say that the audio CD my textbook is supplied with is not really helpful. One thing I seriously cannot understand is why on earth they have to make such long and absolutely hard-to-manage dialogues. In practically every language learning textbook I’ve used in my life, after the first 3/4 units they start making 3-lines sentences for each character – do you really think that I’m able to understand people talking so long in Chinese after just a couple of weeks of study? Seriously.

I’m no longer a beginner, I know that, and I should be able to understand longer dialogues by now. But I’m not, partially because I suck at listening skills and partially because the average lenght of my book’s dialogues really prevented me from listening more.

So I’m totally back to Chinese Class 101 right now. With all its limits, I believe this is the best audio resource I can rely upon right now. The whole lesson is not that useful from a grammar point of view but the dialogues are, and I found them much more realistic than those I have in my textbook. Instead, I’ll rely on it for when grammar is concerned, writing the main points I want to stick in my mind on my Midori TN with a few example sentences.

I would like to clarify that the I-am-not-progressing-a-bit feeling is always present. Like, yeah, always.

But I enjoy studying Chinese [and Asian languages in general] too much to feel discomforted for too long.

Darth Vader looks a little uncomfortable here

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