Wandering among the books

by Julia

I’m so, so so so much enjoying my current life. This new year has brought a really nice and groovy weekly schedule. A good beginning bodes well.

The thing that obviously makes me more happy is the fact that I finally have time. I still have busy days/random periods but overall I know that everyweek I have a fair amount of time that I can spend for my favourite activities [books, study, language learning, movies, tv series, dramas, blog, workout/yoga/taichi].

Books. Mainly, specifically, especially books.

I don’t know how to explain this, but borrowing books at the library has always had the feeling of a luxury for me. I am an avid library user, it’s my to-go place everytime that I want to be sure to have some highly focused study time, and I’ve always borrowed tons of study books. But novels and leisure books, not so much.

This mainly because I tend to buy what I want to read. But going to the library actually broadens my possibilities to an almost endless level.

So yes, I feel incredibly empowered everytime I find myself wandering among the shelves, touching the books’ spines with my fingers, smelling the pages and pondering my next possible choice. Now I can venture readings I never considered before, exploring sections that I usually ignore at the book shop.

And I feel so incredibly contented.