Shiny Happy Moments / January

by Julia

♠| Soundtrack [full albums]. Solar fields, Leaving Home. Cell, Hanging Masses. David Thomas, Samsara vol. 3
♠| In the headphones. Good Good Dolls, Big Machine. Elisa, Swan. David Bowie, China Girl
On the bedsidetable. Cecilia Dart-Thornton, The III-Made Mute. Youko Ogawa, Hotel Iris. Su Tong, Hong Fen.
♠| On the study table. Claude Lèvi-Strauss, The Jealous Potter. Uwe Wesel, The Myth of Matriarchy.
♠| Best on the plate. Mexican dinner [nachos, tacos, fajitas]
♠| On the screen [tv series]. The 100, The IT Crowd
On the screen [drama]. Hello Monster/I remember you, Love Cheque Charge
♠| Pages read. 444
Books finished. 3
♠| Most worn clothes. Purple hat and purple gloves. White arm-knitted infinity scarf. Red coat.
♠| Common weather. Non-winter.
♠| Chinese grammar chapters finished. 2
♠| Chinese Class lessons. 4
♠| Posts published. 7
♠| Photos shared. 11 + 12