Japanese Talk / 2

by Julia

I’m having a very relaxed attitude towards Japanese right now, and I guess this is what has made the learning process so enjoyable so far.

I have to be clear, I love Japanese language and I’m above the clouds just for the fact that I’m back studying it – but this is not the focus right now. My focus at the moment is on Chinese [even though I’m not being that productive lately] so all main efforts go there for now.

So how am I practicing the language at the moment? I’m mainly doing a constant review of Japanese cards on Anki. I now that Anki shouldn’t be used for study cards ex novo but only for reviewing – let’s say that the way I’m personally using it is kind of a mixed approach. Considering that I’ve studied Japanese quite intensively for more than 2 years and then stopped for almost other two years, Anki is allowing me to let my mind recall a lot of lost/soothed memories – so yes, in a way it’s actually reviewing. Of course there are words that I didn’t know before (like 膝) but so far they’re really a minimal part.

I’m actually amazed to see how many things I still rememeber and how well I can apply some facts learned in my Coursera course to the processes my own mind has undergone. I’ve been beating myself up for having given up with Japanese [momentarily of course, I never ever thought about leaving it behind forever] but it turns out that maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing. Doing so I’ve let my mind strengthen many 言葉/漢字 while erasing the unnecessary. Cramming too many things into my mind isn’t a good way of learning anyway – and this is what happens every time I take language classes.

Now that I’m self-studying I’m experiencing the opposite issue, which is, learning at very very slow pace. But this is a whole other story ┐( ˘_˘)┌

Seriously, it’s so weird-in-a-very-nice-way finding myself reading out loud without any esitation 漢字 I haven’t seen for at least one year and a half. Weird weird weird. But it also tells me this was seriously meant to be.

I’ve been practicing my current Japanese deck on Anki almost everyday since New Year [smug], let’s see how long it will take to finish it!

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