Life lately / 1

by Julia

I don’t want to say it too loud, but this 2016 seems to have started right the way it was supposed to. I’m still pretty busy – but in a good, interesting and not mind-blowing way. And I mostly like the fact that my days are full of so many different things I never have the chance to get bored.

January has always been the ghost month for me. It has 31 long days but every year it just sleaps away, buried by the aftermaths of Christmas time. In December I always think ‘oh ok, I’ll wait January to do this and to go there’ and then when January comes I’m caught up the usual routine and it’s over before I even realize it. This year I’m determined to get the most of this January – especially, to be aware of how I actually spend my days and what kind of activities I carry on.

There are lots of things I still need to figure out. Like tons of billions of stuff. But I guess this is what the whole life thing is all about, so no, I’m not worried at all. I may not have the ideal life but things are keeping moving, which is all that matter right now.

I’m not going to deny it, I’m still struggling to find a way to be always motivated in studying a language self-taught. It’s like I really, really want to do that – in theory. I cannot say whether I’ve not been able to find the right key yet or I’m just too lazy to do what I know I should be doing.

And then there’s the whole ipad/pinterest/twitter/youtube/instagram deadly loop. lol

Not that I usually spend that much time browsing aimlessly at cats’ photos anyways, but you know, outside is very cold and very humid, inside is very cozy and comfy and my blanket and my ipad seem to get along really really well. #responsibilitydenial

In fact, right now I’m curled up in my blanket on the sofa while watching at the pile of socks and underware spread all over my bed and waiting for me to sort it out. This morning I started with very good cleaning intentions but it looks like they went lost along the way. Really need to get back to work now though -.-

Edit: Ok I did what I needed to and this is the result:





So proud of myself 。(>ω<。)