My first course on Coursera

by Julia

I’ve intended to enroll in an online course for about year now, and what better opportunity to start anew right at the beginning of 2016? Fresh mind, fresh start.

I’ve started with something reeeeeally basic, which is, the Learning how to learn course. Having been a student for many years I’ve been exposed to the most different kind of study materials [book, articles, videos, speech reports, etc.] and to be honest I cannot say I’ve always found the best method to handle them, especially with considerable numbers of pages. I’m sincerely curious to learn a little more about how our brain works and what we can actually do to use it at his best – which is partiuclarly significant for a person like me who usually is at ease in remebering concepts, but finds it really really hard when it comes to pure momerization [like vocab].

Of course in the future I’m going to enroll in courses more pertinent to my field of expertise/interest [I already have my eyes on some Buddhism-related stuff] – neuro science is not exactly my piece of cake. But I thought I could be interesting with something that could be applied to all discipines.

And being back to taking notes, feeling like it is university time again is an amazing feeling anyway.

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