New Year’s Resolutions / 2016

by Julia

Happy 2016! =) I can’t deny, the feeling of starting a brand new year full of possibilities and new discoveries always makes me feel a little over the top – must be the OCD that’s in me.

For this year I don’t actually intend to do many new things, rather I want to keep carrying on with my current projects and undertakings [I already have too much on the plate, seriously].

So in 2016 I just want to

  • keep sleeping at least 8h every night
  • keep doing my beauty morning/night routine
  • keep studying Chinese
  • keep studying Japanese
  • keep cooking my meals for work
  • keep exercising
  • keep trying to be minimalistic
  • keep saving money for bigger dreams
  • keep planning my weeks and free time

Plus I would like to

  • read more books
  • read more comics
  • watch more tv series
  • watch more dramas
  • blog more and especially more constantly
  • study more [anthropology and all those stuff]
  • enroll in some online course

I know I should be focusing on 1/2 main projects only, I know [I did my homeworks] – it’s just so not me. My mind is always a turmoil of new interests and ideas and of course this has led me very often on the path of wasting time and scattering my attention among way too many things – but again, this is who I am and I really don’t feel like changing my personality right now. I’ll try to be more cautious and to do things in an increasingly organised fashion but I don’t see myself stop doing/reading/studying many different stuff anytime soon o((*^▽^*))o