Good bye 2015

by Julia

I intend by no means to do self-reflection kind of post – rather, I just want to record some random facts that for better and for worse have made my year.

  • I passed my board exam and now I am (among all other things) a certified archivist and record manager
  • I watched a Japanese drama for the first time
  • I bought my first Midori Traveler’s Notebook
  • I’ve managed somehow to keep this blog alive
  • I started posting on instagram again
  • actually, I started also a second instagram account directly linked to this blog
  • I’ve been dumped for a work I really cared about and got over it
  • I’ve been back to my ‘spiritual hometown’ [= London] after 3 years and faced my existencial troubles
  • I also bought the glorious Zebra Mildliner highlighters [miraculously popped up on Amazon IT]
  • I managed to use the same Kikki k inserts for the whole year
  • I started wearing lipstick
  • I read all 1030 pages of Dragonlance Chronicles [and enjoyed every and each one of it]
  • I’ve been committed to the study of Chinese language
  • I drove a lot with my car and hope to do the same in 2016
  • I started exercising seriously
  • I went back to studying Japanese
  • I’ve been to Turin to see Micheal Yamashita’s amazing exhibition on the Silk Road
  • I’ve finally upgrade to a double bed

I believe this is the year in which I’ve realised the most how important it is to do the things that make us happy and to be fully committed to them. I’ve also come to the conclusion that questioning our choices is not a sign of weakness – it’s more being open to new possibilities, different perspectives and innovative point of views. And, last but not least, I’ve learned that change always, always brings something good.