Japanese talk / 1

by Julia

So yesterday I opened an old Japanese core vocab deck on Anki and started studying it. How can I express how excited I am about this?

I was actually impressed to see how easily certain words and kanji actually came to my mind. It was like I never really stopped studying Japanese – and maybe in a way it is. I’ve been beating myself up a lot lately for having left behind something that was so important to me, but who knows, maybe I was just following the stream.

It feels like in these almost two years of non-Japanese study my brain actually had the chance to strengthen a lot of vocab/kanji I was struggling to remember, a sort of natural selection through which it has retained certain things and discarded those I was trying to cram into my short term memory [which for the record is pretty short indeed].

Follow the body, I often forget about this but it’s an universal truth that slaps me in the face. Every. Single. Time.

Speaking in Japanese a few days ago [but can I actually define it speaking? Buahahahah bragging about here] felt incredibly right, and also incredibly easy. I mean, the fews words and phrases I remember are part of my expressions span now, and I don’t have to strain myself too much when I want to express embarrassingly very simple concepts.

I’m perfectly aware I have MILES to go but we all know all the 10000-km-road stuff.